Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal


​Hermeneutic Chaos
will publish six online literary editions in a year, in the months of January, March, May, July, September & November. It will also publish a maximum of four chapbooks every year.

​​​It seeks to engage with poetry and prose that evade the limitations of genre and celebrate the commotion of the liminal space. In this regard, we are highly selective, and present only the best poetry and fiction available to us.

​We look for beautifully handcrafted semantic mindscapes which provoke secluded emotions to emerge and clash with words with all their infinite capacities, making them perspire. We wish to witness the manner in which the absence finds its presence by wringing the silence. All this, however, with a certain aesthetic humility.

​We respect our authors and take pride in publishing their contributions in the journal, and therefore send out nominations for most of the major prizes and awards. We also try to promote their work wherever possible.

​​Please read the the submission guidelines carefully before submitting your work to us.