​H U M A N   B O D Y   A S   B L U N T   I N S T R U M E N T

It is possible this will end badly. That I could drag 
you down to the seabed between rock & whalestone 
& teach you your consequences, your damage, your dead. 
That I could split iron like crocus, swallow words 
like nails, build walls of mud & mortar to withstand 
your pounding. That I might count the seconds of night, 
count flash to thunder, might give up ground for low sky, 
thick air, might extend a willing neck or tongue. 
That I believe words applied correctly can move walls 
& reset clocks. That I’ve sealed my own with wax, dug 
& pulled rocks like teeth from the earth until my fingers 
bled, sowed them in pots & waited & watched until 
they sprouted, until a glare cast itself in the stale sky. 
I believe anything I wish for can come true if I stand 
in a corner and not think of you. I don’t think of you; 
I can’t think of a wish.

​W E   C H A N G E D   T H E   S T O R Y ; W E   S O L V E D   T H E   P R O B L E M

This evening is between rain & not rain.
With each passing moment, we’ve become
part of the past, as if there’s no future, 
just the past readily accumulating. That
we’re infinite paper in a paperless world,
sleeping with open scissors under our pillows,
mouths undone, eyes slightly narrowed,
counting stars & fireflies in a dark sky. 
But, we’re terrible at math; that we divide 
our hearts by infinity, howling familiarity 
written in the margins to yield & be spent. 
That numbers take apart in the unfolding. 
He shows me the fire where his sleeves 
should be, smells of boy, wet puppy 
& dirty pennies. He didn’t at all, not really. 
Not knowing who it was & what it was 
& that, I cede for a definition of subtract,
trade-offs & take-backs & aftermath. 
Employ the word magic: given words 
for hunger, for love & a mouthful of bees. 


A R I A N A    D.    D E N    B L E Y K E R 

​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L

Ariana D. Den Bleyker is a Pittsburgh native currently residing in Upstate New York, a wife, mother of two, a writer and an editor. When she’s not editing or writing, she’s spending time with her family and every once in a while sleeps. She is the author of several poetry chapbooks and collections, most recently Wayward Lines (RAWaRT Press, 2015) and Strangest Sea (Porkbelly Press, 2015), the novelette Finger : Knuckle : Palm (LucidPlay Publishing, 2014), the novella Dark Water (Number Thirteen Press), and the experimental memoir prosthesis (Lummox Press, 2014). Ariana is the Founder of ELJ Publications, LLC, a small press specializing in the author, featuring Emerge Literary Journal, scissors & spackle, Amethyst Arsenic and other fine journals. She can be found at arianaddenbleyker.com