​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L

W E N D Y   C R E E K M O R E , H I L D A   W E A V E R , N I C C I   M E C H L E R , K R I S T I N   K O E S T E R 

H O W   W I L D   A N D   S O F T   Y O U   A R E

without bones to sell.

I want you for more than gold,
for more than the silver which plates your kneecap.
Dig up your femur—free it from flesh.

How subtle the color, that ivory,
that contraband.
Hang it on the old stone hearth.

I’ll worship you.

​​Wendy Creekmore lives in Kentucky and has an MA in Integrative Studies from Northern Kentucky University. Her work has been published in Sugared Water and Kentucky Journal of Studies. She is published with co-poets (all as Wild Soft) in Room, Still, Wild Quarterly, and Stone Telling; forthcoming in three drops in a cauldron, and in these cups, a chapbook of poetry (Dancing Girl Press).

Hilda Weaver graduated from Miami University (Ohio with a BA in English), and later got a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Applied Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. She worked over 30 years as a psychotherapist and Marriage and Family Therapist as well as an addictions counselor. Retired now for several years, she writes poetry and finds herself otherwise spectacularly lazy. Her work appears in Sugared Water, Offcourse, 94 Creations, Uppagus, and her micro chapbook is titled The Autobiography of a Love Not Mine (Porkbelly Press, 2014).

Nicci Mechler splits her time between exploring, telling tales, and painting girls with inky tattoos. Her most recent work appears in Lines+Stars, Arroyo Literary Review, Room, Still and Yew. Deep in Flesh, her chapbook, and In These Cups, a collaborative chap (both poetry), are forthcoming (Dancing Girl Press). She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with a pack of roomies & rescue animals specializing in troublemaking and joy. Nicci blogs at damnredshoes.wordpress.com, runs Porkbelly Press, and edits the lit mag Sugared Water.

Kristin Koester is proud to be Kentucky-born and finds refuge in a nook where the Ohio and Licking Rivers meet, opposite of Cincinnati. Her work appears in Licking River Review