Mary Lou Buschi’s poems have appeared in FIELD, Willow Springs, PING PONG, IR, Four Way Review, SIR, Cream City Review, Thrush, Radar, among others. Her chapbook, The Spell of Coming (or Going) was published by Patasola Press (2013). Ukiyo-e, her second chapbook was published by Dancing Girl Press (2014). Mary Lou’s full-length collection, Awful Baby will be published this year through Red Paint Hill.

​​​M A R Y    L O U    B U S C H I 

T H E Y   W I L L   C O M E   A N D   T A K E   A W A Y   T H E   S N A K E S    A N D   F R O G S

The season will change soon.
The wind will insist 
to gust and the light will be low. 

Where will we be by then? 
Somewhere between the Toad Lily and the Aster. 

We have been traveling so long
in this light.

Hush, someday it will be dark 
and there will be no where to step,

if only to float. 

​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L