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Where The Eighth Should Be | Stacy Trautwein Burns

Traces | Jenny Wales Steele

​Craiglist Missed Connection | Claire Hopple​​

The Pineapple | Joy E. Allen

Impermanence | Ana Prundaru

      H E R M E N E U T I C    C H A O S

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Book Reviews

Review of Women and Ghosts | Sandra Marchetti

Review of Heart Radicals | Amy Strauss Friedman

​            I S S U E   F O U R T E E N : C O N T E N T S 


The Matchmaker's Moths | Ciara Shuttleworth

Os | Michele Leavitt

Two Poems | Alyssa Mazzoli

Tattoo Museum | Stacey Balkun

Freshly Cast Doll Heads Wait To Dry | Juliet Cook

Two Poems | Anita Olivia Koester

White Herons | Theresa Senato Edwards

Secondhand | Geula Geurts

Girl Who Gave Birth To Rabbits | Heidi Czerwiec

Big Wheels | Laura Madeline Wiseman

Freeze | Sara Fetherolf


Elsa Mora

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