Nancy Bevilaqua's poems have been appeared or will be published presently in West Branch, Whiskey Island, Juked, Rust+Moth, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Hubbub, and other journals. She published a collection of poems entitled Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter in late 2014, and she is also the author of Holding Breath: A Memoir of AIDS' Wildfire Days.

I N   T H E   C A M P   O F   T H E   T R A V E L L I N G   M Y S T E R Y   P L A Y E R S  ( D R E A M   P O E M  # 1 4)

this place without a system    this part of earth’s bazaar 
they have costume for me colored just enough
to keep me occupied    feeling I belong to something other
than this cavern stall along the street
where once again
I’ve found you   where we sleep and hide
(backstage tension of the actors crumbles    I’m performer
in this scene    ridicule the worship of the other queen    she must
be me)

you and I will find our straw shelter open-air
again   will make our love there finally
centuries of interruption code for something
I don’t quite understand    strong now
this is final surge    we sleep outside our feathers
wet    dogs around our bed are soft and sleepy    they have
fleas but still we stroke them    kisses haven’t started
yet but I lay fallow for your fingers    sacraments
at heart of strange collisions    secret seas I give you

to rule this space means let it go
seize the mirror on the silver side    show me how you glow

I can break this flimsy wall    let you stay inside me
when war breaks out up there
here is my family    I have teeth to learn
apprenticeship of love    here is where you’ll wake me
when the celebrations start   when you’re free to show me
what our dust is really made of

N A N C Y    B E V I L A Q U A 

​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L