N I G H T J A R , A N   A N A T O M Y

B Y   F I S A Y O   A D E Y E Y E 

Fisayo Adeyeye is the current Poetry Editor of Fourteen Hills, a Co-Curator of the VelRo Graduate Reading Series, and he has works published in Nailed Magazine, The Collapsar, and The Birds We Piled Loosely. His first full length collection Cradles is forthcoming from Nomadic Press in 2017.

​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L

Tonight, a boy buries another boy while a third boy 
watches and I exist, 
the watching. Viewing the body as it becomes something 
else entirely. 
A broken lamp, a white field. The blueprint of a building. 
The boy lays out 
his tools and I watch him arrange a pair of pliers,
a metal scoop. 
What is holier than this? An empty church. They play 
this like toy soldiers. 
Play this like a body burning in the backdrop. Like love 
is surgery 
and these are biblical rules, where changing a name can
somehow change
the thing. When the first boy opens the chest, he thinks he hears 
church organs.
When the second boy spreads the ribs he sees enclave, rafters.
When the third boy peels
open his mouth, he discovers thirst. He kneels and he drinks.