​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L

        You can also listen to the audio and video renditions of poetry and prose by their respective contributors. 


Singer's | Kalisha Buckhanon

Letter to Neruda | Robert Vivian

Summer Day | Hannah Harlow

​Perseus, Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Orion | Kayla Pongrac

​Dory T. Wellington and the Fire | David Olimpio

Orange Blue Jellyfish Kite

On Little Cat Feet | Amy Foster Myer

Memories | Rhonda Parrish

Without Butterflies | Jhaki M.S. Landgrebe

​The Divisible | Raymond Gibson



Two Poems | Nicole Rollender

Two Poems | Amy Schmidt

Five Poems | Laura Madeline Wiseman

​Many Happy Returns | Jenny Erwin

This Isn't Wuthering Heights | William Doreski

Roll Call | Daniel Romo

​Two Poems | Sarah Ghoshal

​Spur On Between 4:50PM to 5PM | Sarah Edwards

Their Eyes Bamboozled | Marilyn Brownstein

(From the Egg to the Apples)

Two Poems | Christine Brandel

Dearest | Kathie Jacobson

Monster's Gaze | Leonard Orr

Hold This Camel | Rhonda Parrish

​Mess | Jeremiah Walton

   ISSUE #5- NOVEMBER 2014


Cover Art :

Kristi Beisecker

Flowers, Kirlian Photography