​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L

                                        After a photo by Brooke Foti -- "Newington, Connecticut -- Morning -- September, 30, 2015” 
                                                       Yet I would lead my grandmother by the hand
                                                       Through much of what she would not understand;
                                                       And so I stumble. And the rain continues on the roof

                                                       With such a sound of gently pitying laughter.            
                                                                                                                  My Grandmother’s Love Letters
                                                                                                                  Hart Crane

The rain became the hammer 
that sculpted the air pewter
here where black hills have parted, 
and crooked reeds grow faster than they live,
where the traffic lights’ simultaneous promise 
of revolution and peace
counsels the wind with incendiary colors
spilling into the plumbean air.

The sound of the photo
is the sound of the land,
except for the halyard-pulley 
tolling in every wistful thought
of rainstorms past.

If somewhere this rain falls
with such a sound of gently pitying laughter, 
it is not here,
not for me
though I stumble.

This rain is the rain of deliverance,
of quietude and imagination,
whose waves are not flatlining
but pulsating with praise
for the first bird’s song in sunlight,
for the sound of wetness after rain,
and for the portions of answers 
to incomprehensible questions
in the brief brume
where floaty ghosts divide, ascend.


John L. Stanizzi is the author of Ecstasy Among Ghosts, Sleepwalking, Dance Against the Wall. and After the Bell, and Hallelujah Time! His poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, The New York Quarterly, American Life In Poetry, Chiron Review, Tar River Poetry, Rattle, Passages North, The Spoon River Quarterly, Poet Lore, The Connecticut River Review, Freshwater, Boston Literary Review, and many other publications. John has read at many venues throughout Connecticut, including The Sunken Garden Poetry Festival, RJ Julia Booksellers, and the Arts Café Mystic, and his work has been featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac. He is currently an adjunct professor of English at Manchester Community College. He lives with his wife, Carol, in Coventry, Connecticut. http://www.johnlstanizzi.com

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