​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L

rasiqra revulva

Tool Use

in my claimed shell i face   away        

       in undulating semaphore     
​    i whisper across leagues to  
 the silk-ridged helm
the chambered age  and privilege     dividing us      and i

could slip              
              between these curving fibres        
parting the downy spines            
          with eight fluttering tips 
separate and       eager
before shunting all     feetandhead  inside   

and live within the hollow bowl
and seek you in that space      though my found shell blocks off the waves
i still believe will bear me you                                             
                                                                                on waters i may never taste                                             

so i 
still face       away  
to mitigate the favour     
     of leagues        
       and genes   
   and years               

               in the evolutionary diaspora of the deep-sea                  

every husk
a talisman
in a liquid world.

Rasiqra Revulva is a Toronto-based writer, multi-media artist, editor, musician, and performer. She is a founding member of the synth-punk/electro/glitch/industrial music and visual art collective The Databats. In 2010, she was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Judith Eve Gewurtz Memorial Poetry Prize. Her poetry has been published by The Incongruous Quarterly, Cordite Poetry Review, ditch, The Feminist Wire, and The Quilliad, and exhibited at the 2014 PULP: paper art party, the 2014 BIG on Bloor Festival, and IMG Forums at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts.