Stephanie Bryant Anderson is author of Monozygotic | Codependent (The Blue Hour Press 2015). Recent or forthcoming publications include Vinyl, burntdistrict, Tinderbox and The Blueshift Journal. Besides poetry she enjoys kickboxing and math. Stephanie is founder of Red Paint Hill Publishing.

T H E   H A U N T I N G   H O M E 


                                                                               The birds against the clouds, their flapping sounds like snapping wires

As children we played with                 —never 
seeing them in the mirrored faces of 

our parents, returned home—No
I have returned, calling            ghosts bring back

cornfields & moons
—         Didn’t we used to play?
I stood over     (memory has worn into glass) 

grass bodies of rabbits 
                        plotting cold, bending the road home

like a knee                                                      & mice
in a field mice in the graves we dug mice in the eyes

we’d wave our arms as in SOS 
away from the cats           but the cornfield

we brought with us—                          what’s left

of the house? what have we
conjured? We’ve conjured up Mother’s rooster

we’ve carried the moon’s light—

O dark what we buried. O animal bones.
Our bones on theirs                 who whispers dirt-

asking how we could be so cruel? O
          singing dark—for what we love. 


Listen to the dead. We can get you 
                            there from here     (a dark space 

and forgotten—we)    in the place      where dead mice 
                            are just 
dead mice. 

You have returned home to un-
bury us. Home with its bent knee & cold

dirt in the fur. Home with its flick 
                           of hair like white rabbits. In our flanks 

secrets. In your hips, men
in your skin, animal bones, your memories—

ghosts in
                           the cornfield            & searching.

S T E P H A N I E     B R Y A N T     A N D E R S O N 

​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L