Theresa Senato Edwards’ poetry books include Voices Through Skin (Sibling Rivalry Press). A poem from this book entitled “Her Rituals” was a poetry finalist for the OCD Foundation’s Dare to Believe Contest; Painting Czeslawa Kwoka - Honoring Children of the Holocaust, a full-color collaboration with painter, Lori Schreiner (unbound CONTENT), which won the Tacenda Literary Award for Best Book; and two chapbooks: The Music of Hands (Webbook, Seven CirclePress; print edition, self-published); and Green (republish forthcoming, Finishing Line Press; first published by Another New Calligraphy). Excerpts from Edwards’ manuscript in progress, "Wing Bones," can be found in Gargoyle Magazine and online at The Nervous Breakdown. Edwards was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and received a writing residency from Drop Forge & Tool. Her website:

​​H E R M E N E U T I C   C H A O S   J O U R N A L

T H E R E S A   S E N A T O   E D W A R D S 

W H I T E   H E R O N S

Your escape would be easy from the marble 
            drawer because my mind is 

Wings    pulling    pulling a red balloon 
            dragged along the river, holding

You, mother, waved over, rushed into my day.  
          What can I ask for that rivers hide?  

White herons on black ice forage without 
          neglect. Large mother fingers 

Bordered by river eating before their hunger.
        “Grief is fluid,” my sister said.

I didn’t search for motion; it bottled and 
          spilled me into thirst, 

Sewed me to trees taut with life. What 
         can I say when fallen apples 

Bruise? Death    skin first.  Blunt force 
        can do this. Or toughen your

Pregnant girl, her fatty film to carry that 
        life. Murky river behind yellow

Eyes, bruise growing up an arm: a foreshadow
        then.  Now withdrawal from one 

Drug to receive the next, trying to talk without
       stutter.  Herons turning    turning to 

Flight winter’s pull.  Their instinct tempts a
       banshee    deep inside me.